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Biometric Solutions


Biometrics involves using the different parts of the body, such as the fingerprint or the eye, as a password or form of identification. Fingerprint authentication is possibly the most sophisticated method of all biometric technologies and has been thoroughly verified through various applications. Fingerprint authentication has particularly proved its high efficiency and further enhanced the technology in criminal investigation for more than a century. With increasingly urgent need for reliable security, biometrics is being spotlighted as the authentication method for the next generation. Among numerous biometric technologies, fingerprint authentication has been in use for the cheap replica rolex longest time and bears more advantages than other biometric technologies do.

Features of BIO-FAMS AFIS (Automated Finger-Print Identification System) System-

  • Fingerprint identification for PC and Web solutions
  • Rolled and flat fingerprints matching
  • Faster matching using pre-sorted database entries
  • Identification capability (1-to-many).
  • 1-1 mode also supported
  • Image quality cheap replica watches uk determination
  • Adaptive image filtration
  • Allow Customization as per Client requirement. (As Add on...)
  • It’s PC Based Identification System for unlimited users
  • It’s allow backup & restore feature cheap replica watches uk
  •  1-to-N modes solution which matches  30,000 to 40,000 (We can increase up to 4,00,00,000 using extra H/W)finger print Template Matching per second
  • Support Finger-Print, Face Identification (Eye Identification, Palm Identification On Requirement)
  • Supports FBI certified Devices Also.
  • NIST Certified.
  • More then 5000 Products in 26 Country’s.